Reasons Why Wives Should Not See Escorts As Threats  

No matter the kind of business cadre in which they are found, escorts do not see any issue in being unfaithful. To them, it’s just a plain business activity that is being undergone for they are required to sale their companionship and intimacy—of course after certain payments have been made. Escorts do not want any reason whatsoever to have emotional engagements with their clients because it will–be one reason or another–affect their mental upkeep and make them less productive.

Hence, below are some reasons wives should be at ease on the fact that escorts are no threat to them:

1. An escort is not marrying your husband

Every wife gets worried when she starts noticing some infidelity in her husband. Her very first thought is centered on the fact that Bother woman is possibly on the look to get her replaced. Hey! That beautiful and smart secretary is not just having intimacy with your husband, and she also has what you probably might lack. But be assured that even if your husband is having an affair with an escort, there can’t be anything more than a cash-for-body transaction.

2. Safety is assured

As it is known that sexually transmitted diseases have been out there, no reasonable wife wishes to get infected via her husband. Meanwhile, a highly ranked escort will not engage in some unprotected sex. Where the problem may arise is that some random girls hooked up by your husband at the club or bar are those who sleep around with random guys at the bars. Unlike them, a safe intimacy is assured for an escort.

3. Handling with professionalism

It doesn’t matter if an escort is into an in-call or out-call deal with your husband; wives do not need to be worried because she’ll professionally get the situation controlled. Middle-level escorts and above takes personal safety very dear to their hearts. This will, in no small measure, also help your husband get protected far beyond condoms. On every in-calls, an escort requires physical safety while in out-call deals, she’ll be extra careful to prevent unwarranted situations in which your husband must not be found.

4. Intimacy with escorts is different from that in marriage

No matter how optimistic or lustful a wife is, she’ll grow to see intimacy as something very usual and boring. This is the reality of marriage, although, nowadays, couples are now spicing up their intimate marital lives. While enough is available to be discussed about bedroom styles, a lot more is also there to find possible alternatives to in the realm of the outside world.

So, wives should exercise a lot of patience and reduce the rate at which they envy or get unnecessarily worried for escorts are only professionals meant to do what they know best, i.e. provision of companionship and pleasure to your husband. You need to calm your raised adrenaline and understand that escorts do not pose threats to your marital home.

Five Ways Escorts Hinder Emotional Relationships With The Normal Woman

When you regularly seek out the services of an escort, you do not feel the need to get into an emotional relationship with the average woman you see on the street.

An escort gets paid to make you feel good with your person all the time. Does this have an effect on you getting emotionally attached to a normal woman? You can be sure it does. Let us take a look at the five ways you get emotionally affected:

  1. Dealing with your woman’s friends
    The feminine companions of a woman tend to have a whole of influence on whether she takes that decision to date you or not. A woman you are dating would normally introduce you to her friends, for them to measure you out. You make a good hit with her friends, and you can be sure your dating her is off to a good start. This kind of lobbying game does not happen with an escort as she does not introduce you to friends.
  2. Family ties: Dating the average woman entails a lot, which includes getting to meet and know her family background. Discussions would take place between your woman and you on how to deal with probably her over bearings parents or a problematic sibling. You will not have this kind of discourse if you are in the habit of regularly engaging services of an escort.
  3. Helping hand: The typical woman would on some occasions seek out your help to solve some challenges she faces. It could be a case of been her mechanic when her car develops a fault when she cannot get the plumbing system right, and you are the first person she calls. Most often, her calls come in when you are already busy with something else. With an escort, you most definitely need not to worry about this.
  4. You become her prized possession: Once a woman starts to get into a serious relationship with you, she tends to become jealous and possessive of you. She becomes aggravated when you do not spend enough time with her. Instead, you are either hanging out with your fellow guys or spending time with your family. An escort would never become possessive of you, as there is no reason for her to be emotionally attached.
  5. Trying to make you a “better” person: An escort does not try in any way to make you improve on your person. She gets her to pay because she accepts you as you are. She even engages in flattery to achieve her financial aims if needs be. She says you are the best man she has for a client to boost your many egos. But the woman you are seeing, would consciously or not, find fault with some mannerisms you exhibit and work on ways to make you a “better” person. It could be by way of telling you she does not think you are up to her taste fashion-wise, or you do not carry yourself well, just about anything that does not suit her liking.

Things Only Escorts Can Get Away With On The Job

No other jobthat gives you as much freedom and allows you to enjoy some unique perks as the escort business. Apart from giving you complete control of your work schedule and the opportunity to travel around the world and sometimes gain access to prominent men, exclusive hotels, clubs, and restaurants, this is the only job that lets you get away with some things that you would not ordinarily get away with in other jobs. It is, however, important to point out that just because you can get away with something doesn’t necessarily mean that you should or will, but it is that freedom to even try that the escort business gives you that matter the most. Below are of the freedom you enjoy by virtue of your job as an escort:

  1. You set the terms and conditions: the popular saying that the customer is king or always right aptly sums what it is like to work in normal jobs. It is the customer first- his demands and satisfaction. This is not so with the escort business. Here, you call the shots. You set your terms of service and will never get to do anything you are not comfortable with. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about losing clients since there are many other prospects who will agree to your terms, to pick from. Therefore, the need to compromise may never arise.
  2. The choice of client is yours alone: in addition to setting your own terms which your clients are obligated to follow, you also get to choose which client to go out with or not, based on what is important to you. For instance, you can choose a client that loves to travel over one that tips the most, if you value adventure over everything else. The choice is all yours to make. This is rare freedom that one cannot enjoy in the workplace. One is required to attend to every customer whether one wants to or not. The luxury of being selective is exclusive to escorts since there is no shortage of clients for them.
  3. You can show up late or not at all: Again, this may not be a very considerate thing to do and has the potential to hurt your reputation over time, but knowing you can without worrying about getting a query or at worst, fired, is a perk only escorts enjoy. Some high-class escorts have a reputation for making plans with clients and then changing their minds at the last minute and not showing up. This does not always mean losing a customer, especially if you are beautiful, have all the other qualities clients are looking for and so, are in high demand.
  4. You can clock out anytime you like: this may be the best part of the escorting business. You are not answerable to anybody, so you can choose to end for the day anytime you wish, without worries. You merely end for the day. Also, an hour date with a client may last only thirty minutes, thereby leaving you with the rest of the time to do as you wish. This is a privilege that can only be dreamt of by people in other jobs.